Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Quickies

  • Interesting market today. The bad housing data caused some initial panic, but all that did was set the stage for the bulls to come in and ramp the thing up.  I think much of what happens this week will be due to the quarter-end and month-end stuff.  I think that'll keep a bullish bias to things, but I'm not trying to game it that closely.  I don't think the correction is over.
  • One of the problems with the CNBC stock contest, is that it forces you to be a bull.  It also forces you to be an individual stock picker.  No ETFs.  Sheez.  I'm in 231,833rd place!  Woot!  That's the top 55%, baby!  I'll be running scans tonight looking for a thinly traded stock with a large enough market cap to qualify for the contest.  I have $279K of funny money on the sidelines doing NOTHING!
  • OK, so I'm up by 1 in the office March Madness pool.  Only one guy has a shot at me, and he's riding Georgetown.  I'm riding Florida.
  • Rain moving in... Heck, it's raining now.  Sheez.

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