Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It Matters When It Does

  • Man, I forgot about Dancing with the Stars last night! You didn't, though.  Big ratings.  And I know I recently ran this pic, but any excuse to put up Carrie Ann Inaba.  I got your fox trot right here!
  • Yesterday's market rose on light volume, and with today's advance lets check the volume again.  Yes, it really does matter when it does.  What's that mean?  Like the sub-prime mortgages.  We knew it was going to be bad with all those folks who weren't qualified taking on huge amounts of debt with risky loans.  But nobody cared until they did.  Anyways, volume contines to be weak on the advance and below the 50dma.  Just saying.  I don't think I'm the only person noticing this.  I am not going to short the blazes out of this market because there's no reason to.  Just being patient and letting this correction play out.  I don't think it's over.  It all depends on time frames.
  • I guess by focusing on March Madness and the markets, one misses out on the "exciting" stuff like Valerie Plame testimony and whatever the hullabaloo is over the attorney firings.  Seems like the 2008 race is well under way.  And maybe because vote-heavy California and others have moved their primaries up to February.  Hey, just don't mess up the Super Bowl, folks.
  • The Miami Dolphins got a little tougher at least OFF FIELD by signing Joey PorterMiami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter was accused of punching Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones after police said the players exchanged trash talk at a casino blackjack table. Porter was issued a summons on a misdemeanor battery charge after the Sunday altercation that began inside the Palms hotel-casino.  In other Dolphins news, they also signed kicker Jay Feely, according to his blog.
  • Adam comments on Oracle.  He's right.  If a stock was delisted in the forest and nobody was around to hear it, uh... not sure I know how to finish that sentence but you get the drift.  Oh, and he's right about 24's Rena on his randoms.  And he has a hot pic of her up.  So you know.
  • Barry Ritholtz with your Joss Stone music update.  English chantreuse Joss Stone blows the roof off of the dump.  OK, BR.  We'll try it.
  • Who is the King of the Stock Market?
  • Liberal Larry on General Peter Pace's comments on homosexuality:  Gen. Peter Pace’s bigoted remark that homosexual behavior is “immoral” was not only an obvious jab at John Edwards, but a Pattonesque slap in the faces of the 65,000 gay, babykilling troops who are currently slaughtering innocents in Iraq.

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