Saturday, March 10, 2007

Garden Variety Weekend Links

  • "Garden variety correction" wonders Mark Haines on yesterday's Squawk on the Street.  He said we had a 5% dip, and that may be it.  Is that the consensus?
  • I think there could be some more light volume up here, but wouldn't be surprised if folks are caught off-guard by a whoosh down.  Depends on one's time frames and how one wants to game it.  I'm staying status quo with some low beta holdings, cash, and I've cut down on my mo-mo stocks on the bounce this week.
  • Work has been crazy.  Working until midnight most this past week.  I just didn't have time to even look at the market much.  But we did hit our friday deadline, so I can't complain too much.
  • Kim Snider has a podcast up:  There is no one right way to invest.  (Let me add:  But there are plenty of wrong ways...)
  • Jeff says Fed Big Flunks Eco 101.  Jeff would give Bernanke a D- for this
  • We lost Antonella Barba this week on American Idol.  Boohoo.  But on the racy picsNewly eliminated "American Idol" contestant Antonella Barba said on Friday the racy photographs that made her an Internet sensation were taken for personal use only and released without her consent.  The photos included images of a young woman lying on her back covered in rose petals, posing in her underwear, sitting on a toilet and standing among a group of topless women at a beach, hands over their breasts. Others showed a woman performing oral sex on a man. And from Wall Street Fighter, what's next for Antonella? Girls Gone Wild? Playboy? Click his link for more pictures of Antonella
  • Perfect segway to Barry's blog on YouPorn.  
  • Seven years since the popping of the internet bubble, from Mark Hulbert.  Have we learned anything? It was on March 10, 2000, that the Nasdaq Composite index closed at its all-time high of 5,048.62.
  • House Democrats have put together a time table for surrender in Iraq.  Mid-2008, we throw in the towel according to Pelosi.  Hey, I know.  Iraq is a mess.  It seems that since we're (the US) so divided on the war, we've already lost.  And even though Pelosi is suggesting an escalation of the war effor in Afghanistan, I wonder how successful that would be?
  • The buy signal is on at Jason's.  Hmm.
  • For personal use only, Antonella? What's that mean?

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