Monday, March 26, 2007

Dancing with the Randoms

  • It's monday night, dance fans.  That's right, in March that means "Dancing with the Stars."  I'm not sure who I'm pulling for, other than more Carrie Ann Inaba.
  • Well, the market is dancing to the bulls tune these days.  Whenever I'm leaning the other way, it is a bit frustrating.  But it all depends on time frames.  I'm looking at the intermediate term and thinking that although we're bouncing, the market is in a corrective stage.
  • Asian stocks slipping as I type, due to concerns about the slowdown in the US economy.  Didn't those folks see the reversal today as investors snapped up shares late in the day?  Or are they suspicious about the end of quarter stuff?
  • According to Carrie Ann's Myspace webpage, she is single, 5' 6", and a Capricorn.  She likes the show "Lost," Dan Browne books, and music "that's got a bit of feeling."
  • Barry on Gas and Oil.  Or "channeling crude dot com."  You know, BR, I don't think folks are phased at $3 gasoline.  Or even $3.50.  We need it.  We'll pay for it.  We have to get to work. We have to go places after work. It's integrated into our lifestyles. We're more likely to cut back on other things before gasoline. 'Nuff said.
  • Clyde Drexler is the sports dancer this year.  Hmm.  Can I really cheer on Clyde the glide, phi slamma jamma alum?  Looks like Cheryl Burke is going to have a rough go three-peating, eh?
  • A Dash of Insight on Quantifying the Economic Impact of Housing Declines.  Jeff takes a look at comments from Doug Kass.  Ain't he a permabear, Jeff?
  • Cody:  Wait to see the whites in the Fed cuts eyes.  Cody starts off, ""Housing" is in every market headline you read. It's mentioned in just about every discussion of the economy and usually in talks about tech earnings, too. Every business and investment show on TV focuses on housing."  Yeah, everything is about housing right now.
  • Okay, Apolo is also the sports star.  Sort of.  Something is funny about that spelling of "Apolo."  That's not the way I learned it grade school, kids.  Despite the spelling, Carrie Ann likes Apolo.  She gives him an 8, lower than the 9's by the other judges. 
  • Not only am I blogging and watching Dancing with the Stars, I'm finishing up my taxes. 
  • Is Jim Cramer the "absolute best" at gaming the system?  ContraHour points and counterpoints.  Interesting, Thomas.
  • And Kim Snider says the road to financial success is well-markedDo you ever look at people who are more financially successful than you are and wonder how they got there? There are only three ways to become rich: inherit it, marry it, or earn it.

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