Monday, March 12, 2007

The Big Brown Machine

  • Long Beach State is a 12th seed against 5th seed Tennessee in the first round on friday.  My Dad graduated from Long Beach State back in the day.  He took me to many 49ers games as a kid.  Basketball games.  Football games (when they had a football program...).  The "Big Brown Machine!"   Since you're not here dad, I'll be pulling for them.  Lets pen the 49ers down as a sentimental favorite and hope for the best.   I have a 49ers jersey somewhere in my closet.  I'll wear it friday, dad.
  • I mentioned friday that some more "light volume up" was likely, and that's what we got today.  I suppose we can blame the light volume on folks studying their March Madness brackets instead of stock charts.  But I believe we have to remember what happened a couple weeks ago and that the damage from that isn't over with just yet.  As always, it depends on one's time frames.  The correction isn't over, but nothing moves in straight line and it depends on how one wants to play it.
  • 20-somethings and debt, from Barry Ritholtz
  • Global Warming Expedition to North Pole Cancelled Due to Cold and Frostbite. 
  • More on global warming from ABC, Global Warming Is Not a Crisis.  I don't know about all the doomsday talk from the Global Warming crowd.  I think fear sells, and there is grant money involved.  I'd rather approach CO2 from a pollution point of view.  Don't we all want cleaner air?  Don't we all want to stop burning fossil fuels?  (Coal, oil, gasoline...)  I think that's the key.  But Global Warming has turned into a religion for some.  Check out the war of words on blogs over this stuff.  How can one do that AND study their March Madness brackets?
  • I do miss you, dad.  So you know.
  • Game over for China's internet addictsThe Internet Addiction Treatment Center (IATC) in Daxing county uses a blend of therapy and military drills to treat the children of China's nouveau riche addicted to online games, Internet pornography, cybersex and chats.  Thank goodness I'm not in China.
  • Today is the last day of my 2-year cell phone contract.  I called my carrier and said "Today's the day I can go to a new carrier?  I can finaly switch?"  And they transfered me to their customer retention department and I have a ton of deals to consider.  Remember to do that and see what kind of deal you can work out on a phone and contract, before you sell your soul for another 2 years to somebody else!
  • The CNBC stock trading contest doesn't allow shorts or ETFs.  So if I think the market is heading down, doing nothing is my only option.  So that's what I'm doing until I think we've bottomed. 
  • Must be around 80 degrees here.  And the mosquitos waste no time.  Out in force around dusk.  Talk about your troop surge...

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