Monday, March 12, 2007

The Amazing Race All Stars - Rob and Amber

  • Buh-bye, Rob and Amber! In The Amazing Race All Stars, the 4th leg of the race saw the amazing elimination of Rob and Amber.  They had finished in first place in each of the first 3 legs and looked to be the odds on favorite to win.  Nope.
  • I missed the last 15 minutes of The Amazing Race, and didn't see that Rob and Amber finished in last.  So I went to the web and started searching.  I found a message board that had live blogging of the show and discovered that Rob and Amber were eliminated.  Much angst about that, but I'm glad to see them go. 
  • But the message board revealed that somebody at Wiki had posted the whole results of The Amazing Race All Stars by mistake!  It was only up for a few minutes before it was taken down, but the damage was done.  If the list was correct, I know who wins.
  • But I'm not going to tell you.  Before next week I'll list who will be eliminated in the fifth leg.  Just to see if the list was right or somebody pulling somebody's leg...

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