Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Rap

  • The markets cruise into options expiration week near the highs of the bull market.  What's next?  I can certainly identify with Mark Hulbert's column Apocalypse Later"Contrarian analysis has been poised on the edge of a stock market sell signal for several months now. But every time such a sell signal appears imminent, advisers pull back a bit and their restraint gives the bull market a bit more lease on life. "  Yup.  I remain in low beta holdings with some cash on the sidelines, waiting for Godot.  Er, I mean a correction.
  • On nuclear power plants, the real choice in alternative clean and safe energy to fight global climate change,  China is on track to build two new nuclear reactors every year for the next 14 years.  Japan, which is only the size of California, is building 11 new nuke plants … India wants to build up to 20 new plants … and Russia is shooting for at least 42. Even in Australia, which currently has no nuclear power, the Prime Minister is pushing a plan to build 25 nuclear power plants.  By the way, don’t count on other alternative energy sources. None of them are quite ready yet.  Everyone wants to know about the US:  About 30 new nuclear plants have been proposed in the U.S.  Well, if we can get 'em by our enviro-crowd.
  • I went and saw Letters from Iwo Jima this weekend.  What a spectacular movie.  I really liked it.  Now I want to see Flags of our Fathers.
  • Free Money Finance:  Facts about Millionaires: Most Make a Bundle, Went to College, and Are Married.  My 2-cents?  I think that there is this perception that one has to be born into wealth, inherit it, or win the lottery.  But the reality is that those who make good decisions can become wealthy.  Examples of good decisions?  Studying hard when young, going to college, saving 10-15% each month, spending less than you make, avoiding debt (living within your means), and investing in a diversified portfolio of investments over a lifetime. 
  • Henrietta's favorite stock blogs.   I read those, too.
  • The sell signal is on at Jason's.
  • America's Mayor woos the CA GOP. 
  • No.  Not watching the Pro Bowl.  LOL.

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