Friday, February 09, 2007

Red Friday

  • Hey, was that some selling on Wall Street today? I had forgotten what the color red looks like.  I thought maybe the Democrats had passed some law forbidding the selling of stocks when they took over in January. 
  • One creeping fear into Wall Street other than Hillary '08, is that the next Fed move may be to raise interest rates.  WHAT?  Or maybe that the Fed won't be lowering them anytime soon.  Yeah, the economy is doing well and some of the recent economic numbers were upgraded to show stronger growth.  This Fed has used hawkish tones even when the economy showed slower numbers; what will they say if things pick up again?  Even housing seems to be "basing" recently despite the short-term rate hikes.  If we've had a soft landing in the economy, then maybe things are picking up and investors are starting to contemplate the next Fed move.
  • I want to know how they "tested" Pastor Haggard to see if he was cured and now "completely heterosexual." What kind of treatment is involved in such a cure?  "Well just take a teaspoon of this syrup everyday at mealtime, and you'll start liking women and GoDaddy commercials."   Hat tip to Adam for the linkage.
  • Barry was on BizRadio.  Adding it to my podcast list for the weekend.  Barry adds in his blog entry, "The problem with live radio/TV is that you always remember what you want to say later."  Say, they should've made a Seinfeld episode like that.  They did!!
  • I haven't watched any of the In Case of Emergency sitcom episodes.  You?  Oh, I've recorded them.  Just to satisfy the "inner Kelly Hu fan" inside of me at some point down the road when everything else is in reruns.  Or when "Rock Star: The Bangles" is on over the summer.  Y'know?  Well, I might watch that Rock Star...
  • David at The Shark Report with a buy signal on the SPX?  The SPX is giving a little buy signal with the 2 day RSI under 10 and a pullback to the 21 day SMA which has been a pretty good buy level in the past.
  • Trading Goddess on Rick's Caberet.  She says she goes there for the food, Pastor Ted.  She put up a menu link as "complete" proof.
  • Karl Rove on immigration (as he explained the rationale behind the president's amnesty/open-borders proposal this way):   "I don’t want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas.”  Sometimes I just shudder at the public comments people make.  Oh, hat tip to those crazy lefties at Think Progress.
  • I was watching some of the Anna Nichole Smith coverage last night on the TV news magazine shows.  She had quite an interesting life story.  Ups and downs all over the place.  I'm sure more to come this weekend...

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