Thursday, February 08, 2007

More of the Same

  • The markets? I'm at a loss for the reason du jour, so lets ask Yahoo FinanceStocks closed slightly lower Thursday as uncertainty about decelerating profit growth resurfaced to keep the market in a period of consolidation following last week's sizable market gains.  Breadth was flat. Looks like gold and gold stocks had a nice day.  We're marching through February with hardly a concern so far.
  • Anna Nicole Smith dead at 39.
  • So if you watched Lost last night, then you are probably wondering where the blood bank is that provides blood for surgeries.  In addition, who brings the donuts for the blood donors and where do they buy the donuts from?  OK, it was good to see the castaways again.  Seems too long since they've been on the tube.
  • Circuit City restructuring and closing some stores.  When was the last time you went to a CC?  I can't remember my last time.  I used to go all the time in the pre-Best Buy days.  Just saying.
  • Dallas Cowboys hire Wade Phillips
  • We're getting some rain here!
  • In the dumb bets department, a Bears fan loses bet and changes his name to Peyton Manning.  Scott Wiese, a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, will legally change his name to that of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning after signing a pledge in front of a crowd at a Decatur bar last Friday night. He vowed to adopt Manning's name if the Bears lost Sunday's Super Bowl.   That's okay, Scott.  Er, Peyton.  Brush it off!  Rub some dirt on it!
  • An over-the-counter weight loss drug?  Uh, hello investment idea.  That's got to be a bestseller, don't you think?  The first over-the-counter weight-loss pill won approval from U.S. health officials on Wednesday, giving the two-thirds of Americans who are obese or overweight another option to help them shed pounds
  • Maybe some market gloom from the HSBC warming.  Rising interest rates hurting those borrowers who got in on introductory low interest rate loans.

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