Tuesday, February 20, 2007


  • OK, been in meetings all day long. Hectic day.  Just came back to find the market is again in bull mode this week.  So much for this "bad February" hoo-hah.   There's not much of February left!  It is post-options expiration week, which tends to be weak.  But throw all the rules out because it looks like we're never going down again.  I suppose it will when I finally give up and trade-in my lower beta holdings for tech stocks!  Not yet....
  • Surgeons who play video games more skilled.  The Nintendo Wii motion activated game controller?  Heck, I thought The Legend of Zelda was fun, but had no idea that Link was a surgeon, too!  Haven't played the most recent version, though.
  • Chargers hire Norv Turner.  Uh, retread city.  The Chargers were 14-2 last year.  Any takers that Norv can beat that?
  • I'm hooked on Deal or No Deal.   How dumb is that?  Addictive show.  And the contestants are just goofy.  Howie is great.
  • Speaking of goofy, how about Britney Spears shaving her head?   You kind of wonder how she's doing from a psychological point of view.  Something seems to be off a bit.  Now Britney Spears has checked in to rehab.
  • Heroes is great, but I'm so tired of hour-long episodes and then having to wait until next week.  I'm thinking about just recording it and watching it later.
  • What sort of non-binding things do the Democrats have planned for us this week? 
  • Smoking affects the brain like drugs.
  • Got my first 2007 bike ride in yesterday.  Felt great, but I can tell I haven't been out since October.  Average speed down a bit, even though I was able to ride 15 miles with no problem.  Kind of windy, but that tends to even out.  Clouds today, and until daylight savings time it'll be difficult to squeeze in an evening ride. Looks like rain blowing in, too.
  • OK, I'm spent.  What a day.  Thank goodness for a short week.

Oh, FWIW, yes I have listened to that Circle Circle Dot Dot song a zillion times since linking to it below. LOL.

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