Thursday, February 22, 2007

Elimination Night

  • Unfortunately, only two guys are going home tonight.   Why can't it be ten?  And as Ryan counts the votes and sends the survivors back to the bench, it must be excruciating for the losers.   Ooo, Paul is gone.  He was bad.  Oh good grief, they're making him sing that song again.  OUCH!
  •  Yahoo Finance says that the Dow was down 52 and the Nasdaq was up 7 because of "Iran worries."  Lets think this through.  Would folks really sell the dividend paying Dow stocks and buy the Nasdaq if they were worried about Iran?  The semis were up 2.76%.  Are semiconductors the safe harbor against Iran's nuclear enrichment program?
  • Liberal Larry says Dick Cheney Outs Nancy Pelosi"...did Cheney even bother to consider that maybe emboldening the so-called terrorists with the illusion of victory is part of a cunning plan to lure them here, to our soil, where they can be easily apprehended and given the kind of emotional counseling they truly need? The idiot cons like to say that it’s better to fight them “over there” than “over here”, but in all honesty where would you rather Bush’s silly war be waged – on the terrorists’ turf where they are familiar with the terrain, or here in the streets of America where our troops have the home field advantage?"
  • Microsoft hit with $1.52B in damages.
  • More on Microsoft from Barry, in Microsoft vs. Google.
  • I believe in Adam's Randoms!  You?
  • College Republican targeted by stalker speaks out.  Hat tip to Michelle.  This is an incredible story.   You know, I've listened to liberal radio shows and sometimes read liberal blogs, and what this stalker was saying isn't much different from what those folks are saying.  I think folks are entitled to their views of course, but acting them out...  Wow.
  • No need to diet and exercise to lose weight.  The link says dieting alone works.   Hmm.  Color me skeptical.
  • Former NBA guard Dennis Johnson died.  I remember some great games he had as a Celtic.  Great defender.  Great clutch player.

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