Friday, February 16, 2007

Circle Circle Dot Dot

  • You got your cooties shot?
  • The market is suffering from a bout of the cooties today. But maybe this is to be expected as the market is heading into a three-day weekend and near the top of the current bull market.  It's beginning to feel like Spring in some areas of the country.  70 degree weather here today.  I can't blame folks for having a bout of Spring Fever if nothing else ahead of a three-day weekend.  And that's probably better to have than cooties.
  • China announced last week that they're planning on building 40 new nuclear power plants over the next 15 years.   Now Russia says they'd like to build more nuclear power plants to generate electricity.  At least some countries are moving forward while the US is stuck in reverse in our energy policy.
  • California outlawed coal plants, but then has to import power from other states that use coal plants.  I mean, what is that? Besides hypocrisy...  
  • The FCC wants to regulate violence on TV?  Give me a break.  Can't the government keep its grubby paws out of our lives?  The thought is that violence affects kids.  But HELLO!  Shouldn't parents keep an eye on what their kids are watching?  This is not a government role.
  • Chinese New Year on sunday, and Fortune says the Year of the Pig will bring disasterExpect epidemics, disasters and violence in much of the world.  Or in otherwords, same ol' same ol'...  Isn't that the norm every year, Fortune?
  • For some reason, I've been watching Smallville the past few years.  Maybe it's Kristen Kreuk.  And the writers have finaly made Lex Luther evil this year.  Although he doesn't quite show the zany madness of Kevin Spacey as Lex in the recent Superman movie.  Great job on that, KS.

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