Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol Sandbox

  • The talk in the sandbox at work today was how bad the guys did on American Idol last night.  Tonight, the women seem to be belting them out with more authority and at least in tune.  Randy and Simon seem to be harsher than usual, so I'm wondering if that's part of the script for week one.  They're right on regarding the girl singing Aerosmith, though.  YEESH!
  • The market drifted lower today and the reason du jour is the fear of inflation.  Don't just take my word for it, Yahoo Finance says:  Stocks finished mixed Wednesday after consumer prices showed a larger-than-expected increase in January and minutes from the Federal Reserve's last meeting showed the central bank considered but decided against taking a more dovish tone on the threat of inflation.  The Labor Department's report that the consumer price index rose 0.2 percent in January came as a surprise to Wall Street, which had expected an 0.1 percent increase. Declines in energy prices didn't fully offset a rise in costs of medical care, food and airline tickets. The core figure, which excludes often volatile food and energy prices, rose a greater-than-expected 0.3 percent. 
  • Robert Kiyosaki writes a column at Yahoo called Why the Rich Get Richer?  Maybe they (the rich) write books and do seminars.  Ah, I did read his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  It was okay, IMHO.
  • Very popular Vice President Dick Cheney said, and I paraphrase, "The Democrats Iraq plan sucks."  My thoughts are that with a divided country, the war is lost. 
  • Baseball switching from wool to synthetic caps?

In Edit: OK, since I posted this there has been some really bad singers. Can I fast forward to the final 12 or whatever it is?

In Edit again: Just a thought on stocks. I remain in low beta stuff with some cash, not chasing tech or that sort. But I have been trading some small caps and those seem to be catching the mo-mo. It does make me wonder about where we are in this rally if the momentum stuff is starting to work well. Of course, I've had the same thought for awhile and the market has been in a tremendous uptrend since July without much hesitation. While it's easy to cite complacency and high bullishness, there are also a lot of columns out there warning about corrections and pullbacks. Maybe those are the folks adding fuel to this stock market rally!

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