Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Amazing Bull Market

  • This market has been amazing. Every attempt to go down is bought right up.  We're out of the monthly strength period and in what is normally the weakest month (February) of the seasonally strong period (fall through spring).  But do you see many sellers out there?  And today we finaly saw tech playing some catch up!  Ketchup!   Catsup!  Could we see the Nasdaq finally get some legs for a change?
  • I remain in lower beta holdings, some cash, and still trading some small caps.  Not daytrading, just the holding period is usually under a few weeks (ie, make a buck or two and move on.)  I can't see myself getting gung-ho on increasing my beta until we've seen a 5-10% pullback.    Until then, I'm pretty much on cruise control with the lower beta stuff (Beta < 1, where 1 is the SP500).
  • Work has been crazy, hence the lack of blog entries or comments elsewhere lately.  I get home, and the last thing I want to do is turn on the PC!  I've been on this "pizza bread" kick lately.   Basically just toast some french or sourdough, with some red sauce a few veggies and light cheese.  Comfort food!  Hopefully I can get back to normal soon.  February is going to be tough, though.
  • Do you say "Feb-You-Airy" or "Feb-Brew-Airy?"  Most folks seem to leave out the first "r."
  • Raining here.  First rain in like 41 years.  Or so it seems, anyways.  We've had a long dry spell.  Probably George Bush's fault somehow.
  • Hey, tonight "Lost" is on.  It last aired about 41 years ago, too.  The time slot was moved to 10pm to avoid competition with American Idol.  (Although, don't you just need to watch the last 5 minutes of the results show anyways?)

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