Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All We Need is Love

  • Welp, it's Valentine's Day. And the market is showing the love today.  Up huge in a moon shot, and even tech is participating.  Bernanke showed us some love today, saying (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Inflation, shminflation."  Or more exactly, "There are some indicators that inflation pressures are beginning to diminish," Bernanke said."  I like my wording better. 
  • My coworker made me some cookies today.  Just saying.
  • "Happy Valentines Day, you're fired!" says Daimler as it axes 13,000 Chrysler jobs.  Love hurts, baby.
  • Why is it gross to kiss your sisterResearchers who wanted to find out why it is not only taboo to kiss your sister, but also disgusting, said on Wednesday they have discovered why in a discovery that challenges some basic tenets of Freudian theory.  
  • Beware the pitfalls of office romance.  Always seems like a good idea at the time, though.  LOL.  "People are a little sloppier around Valentine's Day," said Debra Mandel, a psychologist and author on the subject of office relations. "They might let the relationship out of the box more."  Box?  Interesting wording. Just saying.
  • Breaking up with Norton...  Do you use Norton products for firewall, virus checker, etc?  I think it's a great product, but it's a resource hog.  I uninstalled the Norton Suite from my notebook PC and performance ramped up.  I'm on year 2 with my desktop and it has slowed down with newer programs, so I'm about to yank Norton from the desktop and switch to something less memory intensive.  Also adding some RAM.
  • More love later....

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