Thursday, February 15, 2007

All About Erin

  • This morning on the Squawk, Erin Burnett called those folks looking for a correction or pullback "Chicken Littles."  Just saying.
  • Erin also noted in her conversations about the offshoring and outsourcing of jobs with CEOs that there may be somewhat of a worker shortage here in the US.  One CEO noted that he needed to hire 1,300 engineers this year.  The US graduates 60,000 engineers per year, while India and China graduate 600,000 to 800,000 engineers per year.  HOLY SMOKES!
  • Must reading:  Adam's  Watch TV Get Rich!  Just because.  You'll see.
  • Outstanding episode of Lost last night.  Finaly, off "the others" storyline and on to something else.  Desmond!
  • A nice day in the markets after yesterday's blast off.  The uptrend continues.  So much for February being the worst month of the positive seasonal cycle, eh?
  • Hey, the brain CAN make new brain cells!
  • No big deal if you miss a TV show and forgot to record it.  Most networks have the free replay up the next day.  I've been watching ABC's Day Break this way.  Another great show that never got any traction during the holidays' Lost hiatus.  Highly recommended.  And Moon Bloodgood!  (Can I get a "hubba hubba?")
  • Fox to broadcast a "right-leaning" new satire show sunday night.  Might be interesting.
  • Chipotle with good earnings.  I like the place, but it's too crowded so I rarely go there.
  • Netflix flix... I watched Superman last weekend.  Next? Click

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