Thursday, January 04, 2007

Will Fish Oil Help Notre Dame?

  • While the Nasdaq is up today, the rest of the market is struggling.  In addition, decliners are leading advancers.  While I do have low beta holdings and lots of cash on the sidelines, I've added some QID as a hedge here.
  • Boy, LSU put a beating on Notre Dame last night.  I thought my 8.5 points looked good when Notre Dame tied it up in the first half.  And then LSU spanked 'em.
  • The Democrats are taking over Congress today!  Having swept Bush's Republicans from power in the November 7 congressional elections, Democrats have promised to (blah blah blah), close the growing gap between America's rich and poor and (blah blah blah).  Uh oh.  That smells like higher taxes.  Maybe initially raising the minimum wage, which of course doesn't really help anybody as everyone else's wages adjust upwards then, too.  But it sounds good, anyways.
  • Missed the sitcom with Kelly Hu last night.  I did DVR it.  Anybody see that one or the one about Mick Jagger?
  • Fish oil for depression?  I can't see the fish being to excited about it, but maybe things are a little more optimistic for our scaley little friends with this news.  Though some research has suggested that fish oil may fight depression, the evidence from clinical trials is too mixed to draw any conclusions, according to a new research review. In an analysis of 12 recent clinical trials, British researchers found little evidence that omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) improved participants' depression. So no matter how many Fish Oil tabs Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is taking today, they probably aren't helping...

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