Friday, January 26, 2007

Quick Hits!

  • The market? A rather listless friday.  The big battle is wondering if the sideways action in the market since November is either some sort of topping action or consolidation for the next run.  Convincing arguments on both sides abound.  Market internals were fair, but fridays tend to be profit taking day against the weekly trend. 
  • We're approaching month end, which is normally a positive catalyst for the markets as 401(k) money gets dollar cost averaged into mutual funds.  February is usually the weakest month in the "strong month cycle" between Fall through Spring.
  • Usually as you eat peanuts in the shell, there is a well-defined seem in the shell that makes it easy to crack open.  Other times, there is no seem and as you squeeze the peanut shell, the shell explodes in your hands.  I hate it when that happens.
  • Fox subpoenas YouTube over "24" episodes.  You know, for awhile you could find anything on YouTube.  Eventually, it'll be watered down to where it's just another boring internet site.  With porn.
  • Ford loses $12.7 billion in 2006, and I'm wondering when the IRS asks Ford whether they're running a business or a hobby.  Aren't businesses supposed to exist to make a profit and not just perpetual tax losses year after year?
  • Big Apple subway map on a condom wrapper?  Believe it or not, condoms wrapped in a subway map or other city theme -- think picture of a big apple -- are what New York City officials are considering. Health officials think people would be more likely to use one of the 1.5 million free condoms the city issues monthly if they come in a snazzy wrapper, rather than plain.  Hey, how about a snazzy slogan on those condoms with the subway map:  "Where do you get off?"
  • It's been a long week here at the Fun Factory.  We're working on multiple projects and staff are trying to bend time to get things done, Hiro.  I am so looking forward to a couple days away.  I'm also contemplating my future and if I want to move around to somewhere else.  Maybe for more money.  Change of scenery.  Different challenges. 

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