Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union Rally

  • Extremely swamped here at the Fun Factory. New year.  New projects.  Let the chaos ensue.  I've been in tons of meetings, giving presentations, and trying to keep my herd moving forward.  I could use a couple of border collies!
  • I watched the State of the Union speech last night.  I think the most important bullet item from President Bush's speech was that of energy independence.  Decreasing our gasoline usage by 20% over the next 10 years would mean we could almost completely eliminate our need for Mideast crude.  In addition, the building of new nuclear power plants, drilling more here at home, and developing alternative energy are all in the best interests of the US going forward.  Oh, and I expect absolutely NONE of this to gain any traction.  Senator Jim Webb clearly stated in the Democrat response that their number one goal was opposing everything Bush was for.  Gridlock at its finest, folks. 
  • The market ramping today.  After a week of weakness, we're due for a strong bounce in the other direction.  Of course, it looks as if neither bulls or bears can really get any traction going.  Looking at the market calendar, the end of month strength should begin around next tuesday.  Unless it's starting early!
  • Free Steve Jobs!  From Adam...
  • Trans fat alternative also unhealthyThe interesterified oils may not only lower HDL levels but also cause a significant rise in blood sugar, researchers found. 
  • The unfortunate thing about creating more ethanol, is that it requires a lot of energy.  What do we burn to create that energy?  Coal!  Coal is dirty, emits lots of CO2 (think "global warming"), and harmful radioactive gunk into the air and ground.  So is ethanol really the "environmentally friendly" choice?  Heck no. 
  • Market holding up well.  Interesting to see how the last hour plays.  Lots of folks were saying they wanted a bounce to reload up on shorts.  Here it is.  Will they?  Or are they chicken?

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