Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rising with the Dawn

  • Note to self: Don't get too anticipatory with calling market tops in 2007.  That QID hedge isn't holding up too well so far!  The market has decided that "up up and away" is the catch phrase of the day.  Just like the last couple months of 2006, I'm just going to trade around with some small caps (on a short leash) and try to keep ahead of the market index, while maintaining a low beta weighting and plenty of cash on the sidelines.
  • Dawn simulator curbs wintertime blues.  Dawn who?  Dawn YangDawn Marie?   "Dawn simulation and negative air ionization are two naturalistic, non-pharmaceutical environmental enhancements now verified superior to placebo and remarkably effective in the treatment of winter depression," Dr. Michael Terman told Reuters Health.  I can see why. Just looking at the pics lifted my spirits!
  • WHAT?  No bowl game tonight? 
  • A hat tip to Adam's Randoms for the linkage to USC Cheerleader wardrobe malfunction.   A little cheesecake with your Rose Bowl, Mister?  Ooh lah lah.  (Who needs a Dawn simulator anyways?)
  • Cody on Google.  Cody gives "three examples of Google's fumbles that I expect, over a very long time (say, 10 to 20 years), will be the company's undoing."  Interesting thoughts.  Looks like the same column Cody had up at Realmoney.
  • Speaking of Realmoney, which is a subscription site of Cramer's, my subscription runs out this month, and I've decided to exercise my opt-out clause and take the head coaching job at Alabama. 
  • Jason urges us to keep the Pepto close in 2007.  Supersize that, Jason!  He wonders if the correction from November is over.  Interesting thought.  Has the sideways action since November been enough to work off the overbought conditions and set us up for the next leg up?
  • I went to Subway today.  My normal was up 40-cents over last week.  The owner told me that they had to raise prices to cover the increase in the minimum wage here in California.  And so the fools game of raising the minimum wage goes.  Prices go up.  Other workers will demand salary increases to "keep up with inflation."  Then we're back to square one.
  • I hope Nick Saban has some sort of inflation hedge built into his Alabama coaching salary.  When you're basing a career decision on a $32 million deal over 7 years, you want to make sure your living standards don't get blindsided by a 40-cent price hike in a meal deal at Subway.  Just saying.
  • "Nick Satan" the Dolphins fans are calling him.

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