Tuesday, January 09, 2007


  • Norm! As in Norm Fosback!  He of the famous seasonal timing system.  We're closing in on (yet another) holiday for the markets on January 15th, and Norm's system would have us in the market for the two days prior to the market holiday.   At least that's how I read it. 
  • Apple (AAPL) today announced the coming of the iPhone and iTV.  The iPhone will be much more expensive than today's smartphones, and do roughly the same things.  But it will be "Apple" and therefore have a cool factor that the other products do not.  More thoughts on the iPhone here from SeekingAlpha.  I don't think his complaints matter (Cingular quality, expense of the iPhone).  Because AAPL has the "it factor" as Simon Cowell would say.
  • The market today held up well.  Much of that I think was the mood swing created from Apple, but everything counts.  Nice close after the initial down.  And it looks to me like the MACD crossed on the NDX, for those who watch that.  I don't, but some do.
  • Barry Ritholtz calls the iPhone Drool Worthy.
  • Too much hype on that Ohio St vs Florida game.  What a boring blowout.  Can't we please get another game with Boise St?  Please?
  • Jason notes that the sell signal is on in Interesting Divergences.
  • Here's more on the 5-day failure of the market in 2007.  ...which our gurus who toil in some kind of boiler room somewhere tell us means the market has only about a 49% chance of ending the year higher than where it began.
  • Paul Kedrosky with more on the Apple iPhone. News this morning of the Apple mobile phone is going to mess with the mobile market. Among other things, it is worth watching how mobile competitors' stocks perform on the news.

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