Monday, January 29, 2007

More Back and Forth

  • Another fun day at the markets. The most frustrating position for those watching the daily ticks has to the buy and hold strategy.   The market really hasn't done anything since November but trade back and forth, while cash is "trucking along" at 5% annually.  Short-term trading has had hits and misses, but the dangers of being whipsawed in this channeling market have got to be increasing the blood pressures there.  Today, the market ramped up quickly and then sank on the fears that the Fed may continue their hawkish tone when they meet tomorrow.  Stay tuned!
  • On The Apprentice last night, Marissa reminded me of one of my coworkers.  I like to call him One Track Charlie.  He'll come up with an idea, and it'll be his only idea for months.  And if nobody takes his idea seriously, which is normally the case, then he just rides it, escalates it, schedules meetings, creates an email storm, etc.  He hasn't proposed big dancing chickens just yet, though.
  • Doesn't it seem like everyone likes the Bears plus the points in the Super Bowl?
  • My subscription ran out.  I was rarely reading it.  Decided that the subscription money could be better spent on .... uh, beer or something.
  • Myth: Google is a very volatile stock.  From Adam.
  • Work is driving me nuts I tell you.  Nuts.  Lots of balls up in the air.
  • The financial Super Bowl, Indy vs. Chicago.  From Kiplingers.
  • Going to a Farmers Market in January is a glass-half empty experience.  What kind of produce is available in January?  Not much.  Oranges.  "We got yer oranges here."  And not too many of those, due to the cold weather.  Some beyond-their-prime apples.  Squash.  Mushrooms.  
  • Hillary is going to raise so much cash, that all the other Democrats will be vying for the bottom spot on the ticket.  It's going to be Hillary, folks.
  • The Vixen is out with her Oscar picks!  ...everyone is asking who's gonna get Oscar. But we believe it's also important to note who SHOULD get the Oscar.

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