Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Did You Sell the Right Tech?

  • Just a quick Cramer note. Wasn't Jim on CNBC with a bullhorn last week telling everyone to sell tech?  "Sell tech in January, buy it back in August."  Right?  And he got complimented by Erin Burnett on the call, too.  Over on realmoney today, he just blogged "We are in trading heaven here, where you can rent tech when it goes down and sell it when it goes higher.  I am not suspending my judgment that most tech will be in for a tough ride here and needs to be sold on strength. I am just making the point that some tech can be held through the ugly period, and the only 'investment tech' name that has done nothing is Apple. I just don't believe it can stay down much longer, particularly because the bears are being routed in tech and can't take the pain of having still one more name fly up in their faces."   ER... UH...  I guess last week he should've used the bullhorn to say "Sell some tech, but keep the ones that are going to go up."
  • Iran receives defense missles from Russia.  Thanks, allies.  That makes me want to watch Rocky IV again and see Rocky Balboa beat Ivan Drago.
  • With the Democrats in charge of the Senate, a panel has opposed the troop increase in Iraq.  Instead, they offered the following plan:  "        ."
  • Stock market closed at the highs today.  EBAY was up 10% afterhourse last I checked, so this could continue tomorrow.  MSFT tomorrow, and that one should be interesting.  They'll have some operating system news (Vista), so that'll keep things hopping.  The stock has rallied quite a bit as folks must be expecting good things from Mr. Softee.

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