Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Cold and Flu Edition

  • Sick again. I used to catch a cold/flu once a year at most.  This past year I've had four.  I've noticed that I always seem to get sick about 2 days after visiting my friends house.  I think I catch whatever his kids have.  They're always sick with something.
  • Everyone is wating for Apple.  Everyone thinks they'll beat, since they lowball their estimates.  But by how much?  I'm tempted to buy some AAPL on the selling pre-earmings and hope for a pop on whatever they say after the bell.  Can't be too bad.  Doesn't everyone want an iPhone?
  • On American Idol... Obviously they're hyping the bad singers and those who make fools of themselves.  I do feel for some of those folks who seem to think they can carry a tune, and have no Career Plan B.   I'm sure it all sounds better in the shower.  Oh, and is Jewel hot or what?  Hoo.
  • Man, I'm going downhill fast.  Think I'll head home.

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