Monday, January 08, 2007

Catching those Winter Rays!

  • It's winter time, so you know what that means:  Swimsuits, beaches, and plenty of sunshine!  Today it's supposed to hit 64 here in Sacramento.  And I noticed that folks were dressed rather lightly for a playoff game in New England yesterday.
  • If the first 5-days of the year trade up in the SP500, so goes the market (85.7% of the time) according to The Stock Trader's Almanac.  And how is that going?  The SP500 was 1418 at the close on December 29th, 2006.  Today the SP500 closed at 1412.  If the first 5 days are down, it's approximately a 50-50 chance how the market does.
  • Tony Romo.  Oopsie.  Do you realize how close he was to a first down?  If Grammatica makes a better block...  Still, should've held the snap.  Nice quip from Adam.
  • Kevin Stecyk on last night's debut of The Apprentice in Los Angeles.  I agree that both Martin and Frank should've been fired, but Frank won't last long anyways.  Martin reminds me of a typical professor type.  Know what I mean?  Lots of lectures and statements that don't mean anything, and lack of hustle in the real world.  Not to bash all professors.  Generalities apply to groups, not to individuals.  I also agree that "Tentcity" isn't a great idea.  But maybe this will motivate the losing teams.
  • DirecTV to offer 100 HD channels?  Hoo, that blows away what I'm getting now.
  • NBA All-Star Dancer (cheerleaders) ballots!  Hat tip to Adam. And yes, there are videos of the girls to help you pick your favorites.  So what will they due in lieu of a slam dunk competition?  Just thinking out loud here.  Ahem.
  • Jessica Alba.
  • More on the winter weather from Naked Shorts.  Time to put away the swimsuits and really get ready for a cold blast?

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