Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bearish Engulfing Tecates

  • Holy reversal, Batman! Bearish engulfing pattern, right? The market staging a disappointing turnaround from yesterday's rally.  Make no mistake about it, this market has been a tough cookie since November.  Trying a few short term trades that are hit and miss.  (Like the market at large, I suppose).
  • I went to the Sacramento Kings game last night.  I don't go very often. but it is fun here and there.  And with the Mighty Milwaukee Bucks in town last night, why not?  How often does one get to see 133 pound, 5' 5" Earl Boykins light up a team for 36 ponts?  Now that was fun.  He's fun to watch zip in and zip out amongst the giants on the court.
  • $9.75 for a 24 ounce Tecate beer at Arco Arena in Sacramento.  Hello, profit margin!  I know the Kings players don't play for free, and that somebody has to pay for Ron Artest and Mike Bibby.  And the fans do seem willing to line up in large numbers for $9.75 Tecates.  But holy smokes.  Oh, on the plus side, they do throw in the lime for free.  For those who want to fruit their beer.
  • Microsoft up big afterhours.  Of course, we knew they'd say giddy things about Vista, right?  The stock hasn't rallied in anticipation of bad news afterall.  What happens tomorrow?  Sell the news?  Panic buying?  Another 30-plus point move in the opposite direction of the previous day?
  • Uh oh, Norway vs. Apple over iTunes.  "They must make iTunes music compatible with other players than the iPod by the end of September, or we will take them to court," the ombudsman, Bjoern Erik Thon, told Reuters.  "ITunes is imposing unreasonable and unbalanced restrictions that are not in accordance with Norwegian law."  How many people live in Norway?  Could Apple just pull the product from Norway and tell 'em, "Good luck with the Zune, dudes."  Looks like a lot of Europe is allied with Norway here, though.  Hey, does that make Apple part of the Axis of Evil?
  • All I've read from Op-Eds and liberal blogs says that everything Bush mentioned in the State of the Union is dead.  I was hoping for some movement on energy independence.  After all, it seems as if every President the last 30 years has given lip service to the subject, but nothing ever happens.  We just continue to import more and more crude from unstable regions on the planet.  Seems crazy to me.
  • Man with mannequin fetish sent to prison.  Say, can he log on to and place an order for a conjugal visit?
  • For you New Jersey squirrel hunters, avoid those critters near toxic waste dumps.  I know, I know.  You'll just have to hold your nose and substitute tacos made with chicken for awhile until this whole ugly thing blows over.
  • Tyra Banks, fat?  Banks, who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, said she now weighs about 161 pounds (73 kg) -- about 30 pounds (13.6 kg) heavier than in 1997 when she first made it as a swimsuit model.
  • Ford loses $12.7 Billion in 2006Still, the grim reality remains that Ford lost $12.7 billion over the course of the year, surpassing the massive $10.6 billion loss in 2005, thanks mostly to hefty charges incurred from the company's North American operations overhaul.   Hey Ford, here's an idea:  Sell $9.75 Tecates on the showroom floor.  Works for the NBA!

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