Monday, December 18, 2006

Trading Above a Record Clothes!

  • The market rushed out of the gates higher this morning (of course it did), but since has faded a bit. It's a bit sad to see the CNBC header "DOW Industrials trading XX above record close," only to see the number decline as the minutes tick by. And the Nasdaq and SP500 are in the red (WHAT?) as I type.
  • Yes, I quit coffee but after a weekend trip to Las Vegas, I think I need something to get the juices flowing.  Lordy sakes.  Got home late sunday night.  I need a few days off to recover from my few days off.  Starting off with water and we'll see how the day progresses...
  • Interested in winning a copy of Ken Fisher's new book, "The Only Three Questions that Count: Investing By Knowing What Other's Don't."  Book review at Value Blog Review!  Not a candidate for the shortest book title ever, though.
  • If you have some orange juice, aspirin, and a bowl of chicken soup handy, please stop by and visit the Trading Goddess and wish her well...
  • I think the market will finish strong or flat to close the year, as I think the desire to defer taxes may be higher than the desire to lock in profits.  Of course, prioritizing tax planning makes for a lousy investment strategy, but people do it anyways.  In addition, volume will lighten up the closer we get to the holidays.  And there is this old thang about never shorting a dull tape. 

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