Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Song Remains the Same

  • Yes, the Song Remains the Same in the stock market as neither bulls or bears seem to be able to press their case.  Today's action seems almost the opposite of yesterday's, as stocks started off down only to recover later in the day.  The big difference of course is that yesterday's breadth was 2-1 to the negative, while today the NYSE was up and the Nazamataz was down.  I sold some of the shorter-term plays and raised more cash, and that's probably where I'll stay until the market decides what it wants to do.  Probably not much until after the holidays and the end of the 2006 tax year, but there is always the chance that folks will want to book 'em.  I'm out of their way.
  • So I see this title "President Bush plans to expand size of US military," and I envision President Bush making a speech about recruing "taller" people or serving out second helpings of mashed potatoes at chow time. "It's called the Second Helpings Plan, and if a soldier wants thirds, we're not going to turn him away."
  • Adam's Random Trek includes a video that is absolutely Shat-tacular!
  • Barry Ritholz comments on the PPI number and also about trackback spam.  Regarding the latter, if BR needs a leader to conduct a War on Trackback Spam, Donald Rumsfeld is STILL looking for work.  Regarding the latter, last week we had a CPI number that said "Look ma, no inflation."  This week we had a PPI number that is the highest number since the Ottoman Empire.  I think a negative and a positive cancel each other out, so pass me some eggnog (with extra nog).  No, but seriously, light trucks up 13%?  Who didn't use a limit order???
  • Women wrestling in mashed potatoes!  Ooooh, sexy...  female participants allegedly pulled up each others' shirts as about 30 to 40 people watched during matches staged while the tavern's doors were locked.
  • If you must watch the second half of the Song Remains the Same video...

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