Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rub Some Dirt on It!

  • A few clips from IBD this weekend...

Down days that end with stocks showing resilience are a sign of a stubborn market, one that’s reluctant to squander recent gains. So they still think the market's headed up for now.

More monetary tightening may still be needed to control inflation, Chicago Fed Pres. Michael Moskow said in a speech, noting that “inflation has been too high.” He continues to be wrong.  Hmm, should somebody with the name "Moskow" be a Fed member?

I always wanted these x-ray glasses as a kid.  Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Int’l Airport has begun using a new federal X-ray system that scans passengers’ bodies to detect weapons and bombs.The technology, called back scatter, has been criticized as revealing too much by producing what foes contend are virtual nude images of passengers.

  • Shake it off!  Rub some dirt on it.
  • Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, dubbed Finland's sexiest man, broke up by text message with the girlfriend he had met on the Internet, she said in a magazine interview.  Lemme guess: g2g, gf.
  • I wonder if anyone has done a correlation on how stocks perform when Britney Spears wears panties vs. when she doesn't wear panties?  Oh who cares about the stock performance, it'd be a top-selling newsletter.  As Cramer says, there's always a bull market somewhere.
  • Rules of Trading, hat tip to Barry Ritholz.
  • Congratulations to the UCLA Bruins,who upset the USC Trojans yesterday to make the BCS selection today a "pieces of paper in a hat" draw for who gets to play Ohio St for #1.
  • Will Social Security be there when you retire?  Technically, Social Security is taking in more money than it needs right now — it’s just that the Treasury keeps borrowing those funds, as much as $1.9 trillion, Professor Mitchell said. Luckily, the Treasury has given the Social Security administration I.O.U.’s for all the money it borrowed. But those I.O.U.’s may never be redeemed, she said, because given its current fiscal path, the Treasury is unlikely to be able to repay that money.
  • The sell signal is still on over at Jason's.
  • Michelle Malkin on Bypassing Internet Censors.  And Michelle has a video up on Hot Air about Britney Spears.  Ahem.
  • Over at I am Facing Foreclosure, the pressure mounts on Casey Serin.
  • Can 600 Economists All be Wrong?  From Greg Mankiw on raising the minimum wage.

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