Thursday, December 21, 2006

RIMM Shot!

  • In the most anticipated event in Decemeber, Research In Motion delivered their earnings in the afterhours and beat the number! One of the leaders in this bull market, it has stumbled a bit after making a recent high.  Their profit grew 49%, and that's better than a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking!  I don't want to spoil your Christmas gift, but the Pearl is selling well...
  • Barry Ritholtz, dedicatee of the 2007 Stock Trader's Almanac, on recent economic data points, asks "Is this what a soft landing looks like? (We think not)."  Maybe it does, BR.  A 2% GDP in the rear-view mirror is slower than we'd like, but it's okay considering all those quarters of consecutive 3%-plus quarters.  Every big win streak comes to an end, and thankfully so for those 1972 Miami Dolphins.  Also, it's probably good that new housing permits are falling to bring down some of the excess inventory out there.  Transports are hit with energy costs that they haven't been able to pass on (see the CPI), and competition from all sources including the 'net are hurting margins at Circuit City, Best Buy, et al.
  • Doesn't it seem like forever since prime time episodes of your favorite TV shows? 
  • How's Adam doing in his fantasy football league, anyways?  That and RIMM Bop for more on Research in Motion.
  • No, I didn't finish my shopping at lunch.  Rainy weather and bad traffic slowed down the Muckmobile.  Will try more after work to stick a fork in this year's gift-shopping mayhem.
  • Is tonight Brett Favre's last game?  In an attempt to draw all 23 viewers that have access to the NFL Network via their TV provider, the NFL Network is advertising Favre on other channels with the song "This could be the last time."
  • Miracle on Wall Street, or Nightmare After Christmas from the WSJ blog on the Santa Claus rally.  Will the last 5 trading days of 2006 plus the first 2 of 2007 be good or bad?  My thoughts are that the market sure looks toppy and extended, while the negative divergences don't look too inviting.  Yet, the 2007 Almanac discusses the 7th presidential year success (as if it really matters) and there is a big crowd of folks anticipating a selloff in January it seems.  Should be interesting.
  • Stay warm!
  • In Edit: ARGH! I use read receipts in Outlook, and nothing hurts more than "Your message was deleted without being read on ..."

In Edit: Fixed spelling of Barry's last name! Duh!

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