Sunday, December 24, 2006

More Last Minute Blogging

  • I went down my Christmas list, checking it twice, and fortunately finished my shopping yesterday and can just relax today and watch football.  I'm in the championship game of my Fantasy Football league and have a big lead ... so far.
  • For those getting a bit tired of looking at their navel lint, Bill at NO Doodahs shows 4 years of stock market history on one chart.
  • Cactus' My 2-cents on the Krugman Piece from Angry Bear is a nice piece on tax cuts and deficit spending.  The sales pitch is basically that running big deficits is not a bad thing because you’re spending it in ways that produce larger returns than they cost. But if the deficit is large enough, and the government is spending on enough things, that is unlikely to be true – there are decreasing returns to everything, including, obviously, government spending.  As I was reading, I was thinking that this is like investors using margin to leverage their investments and thus return greater rates of returns.
  • Mark Cuban weighs in on the Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump war of words in Trump the Chump.  Cuban certainly isn't bashful on his point of view, and also comments on Rosie's and Donald's blogs.  Neither of which I've read, and Rosie's seems to have taken forever to load so I closed the window!
  • The Economics of Gifts, from Greg Mankiw.  Yeah, Professor, it's a strange custom and potentially very stressful if one gets the wrong gift.  But I'm easy and it won't hurt my feelings whatsoever ... I'll take the cash.
  • Larry Nusbaum on Where Gurus See 2007.
  • WuzzaDem on Jeb Bush: First E-GovernorGov. Jeb Bush's official portrait unveiled at the governor's mansion shows him in his office standing standing next to a picture of his family with his trustworthy BlackBerry.  Ah, that's why RIMM stock is moving.  Although being associated with a Bush...
  • Casey Serin of I Am Facing Foreclosure is Banned From Google for Click Fraud.  Kick a man when he's down; it's the American way!  Seriously, I'm still wondering how that Google click-revenue model works.  Who is doing the clicking?  Anyways, good column up there on click fraud and all.

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