Friday, December 22, 2006

Last Minute Blogging

  • I want to invest in the company that makes placebos.  There must be one heck of a price pop when the placebo beats a drug undergoing drug trials. 
  • Many folks are wondering if the market will rally through year end.  We've had a bit of a pullback this week although the bears weren't able to create any panic on Wall Street.  So was the close today enough of a bottom to get in for a rally next week?  I decided not to add any QQQQ at the close.  We'll see how I feel tuesday morning.
  • Most seem to believe the market is extended and ahead of itself.  The economic data definitely shows that the economy has slowed recently; yet, this doesn't mean it won't accelerate again. 
  • Why not visit Henrietta over at Stock Trading Insights, and join in on 2007 predictions?
  • The CIA redacting a NYTimes Op-Ed piece?  Hat tip to Dr. Brett.
  • Gannon on Investing lists some of his favorite sites.  I agree.  Great sites.  And a nice commentary for the links.  Check 'em out!
  • For those keeping score, the Santa Claus rally was supposed to start today, according to the Schaeffer market blog.  Maybe Santa is out shopping at the Liquor Mart getting a last minute stocking stuffer for Miss USA Tara Conner.
  • And if you want to "caption it!" on a Tara Conner picture over at Adam's site...
  • Interested in a view on today's news about Liberty Capital aquiring a larger stake in DirecTV?  Check out the Barron's blog ...Those Satellites are Pretty Cool.  My take is that while DirecTV is very cool because of their sports packages, at some point those sports packages will be available elsewhere.  Then where is their edge? 
  • Michelle Malkin has nearly 2400 blog entries in 2006?  And the rest of the time she just wasted...  Well, she has some follow-ups to earlier stories, for those interested.  In the "whatever happened to..." style.  Nicely done, MM.
  • Can you imagine Jim Cramer trying to write up follow-ups on his blog entries over at TheStreet and Realmoney?
  • In the war of words between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump?  Uh, well.  It makes for an interesting segment on the entertainment news shows.  I like The Apprentice more than The View, though.

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