Monday, December 18, 2006

It's All About You

  • I'd like to congratulate you for being Time's Person of the Year.  Well done.  And to be honest, I was hoping it was going to be me. 
  • Well.  So the VIX was a little over 9, and folks are saying "Well, the VIX just doesn't matter anymore."  As before folks could finish enunciating that last consonant, it mattered.  Or maybe it just suddenly dawned on folks that the market is overextended?  Breadth about 2-1 on the downside as the markets reversed down from the big open.  I remain long with lower beta stuff with some cash on the sidelines.
  • Harrah's agreeing to a $16.7B buyout.  No, not me.  Although you'd think with all the money I lost there this weekend, I'd at least own piece of it.
  • US doctor to wage a war on obesity.  Well, if he's looking for somebody to lead that war, Donald Rumsfeld is available.
  • Go Brain, goExcessive drinking can damage brain cells but the brain can repair some of the harm, a team of international researchers said on Monday.  Whew!  Just sayin'...
  • If you picked "corn" or "wheat" in the office pool, you lost!  Marijuana the largest US cash crop!
  • Skype to lauch Web TV service.  Maybe they'll have some luck getting the NFL Network.  Currently, only about 23 people in the nation can watch the NFL Network.  Or, the NFL "NotWork."

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