Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Quick Hits!

  • In the world of money today, the market is pulling back a tad. Looking at the calendar, we're at the end of monthly strength due to the 401(k) contributions and in the week ahead of options week.  Normally, I'd expect some pulling back this week ahead of options week, and then a rally.  But with the market near highs, maybe we'll see weakness during options week.  Even though it seems like we've come a long way without a pullback, those who have tried to anticipate a correction and short the market have been taken to the cleaners. 
  • As an analyst said on CNBC this morning, if folks took profits now they'd incur a tax hit in 2006.  Why not wait until 2007 and postpone that until April 2008?  Of course, that'd create a bad market vibe after New Years.  But may be a theory to keep near the front burner. 
  • Today is the wrong day to ask for "extra" green onions from Taco Bell, as they pull green onions from their stores due to fear of E. coli. 
  • Iraq:  "Grave and deteriorating."  But isn't asking Iran and Syria to help like the Fire Department asking arsonists to help with putting out fires? 
  • SAT question of the day: Ohio State is an 8-point favorite over Florida and Michigan is a 1-point favorite over USC. Oddsmakers said Michigan would be a 6-point favorite over Florida. Why don't we have a college playoff?
  • Yahoo! shuffles deck, a vid from Forbes on all the changes going on at Yahoo!
  • Trying to avoid a ratings beating from "American Idol," ABC is moving "Lost" to 10pm on wednesdays.  ABC will broadcast "Knights of Prosperity" at 9pm, about folks who are trying to rob Mick Jagger.  And "In Case of Emergency" at 9:30pm.  The latter show features Kelly Hu, for all of you who are Kelly Hu fans.  Just saying.  (I'm at the office today, so no Kelly Hu pic for you...  I promise one later, though.)

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