Monday, December 04, 2006

Ground Control to Major Tom

  • All systems go, Ziggy! We have a moonshot on the stock market today.  While the initial thought is that this invalidates all the wall of worry stuff from last week's distribution action, we might want to watch for churning at the top.  That is, high volume volatility, fuss and muss while the market doesn't make new highs.  Of course, as I type this the SP500 is at a new high, but pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  Lets watch the close.
  • unveiled today!  It's what you'd expect from their website.  News of the day.  Highlights from guest spots.  Video on demand.  Based on search referrals to The Learning Curve, I think there will be lots of demand for Bianna Golodryga videos!  Hey, maybe they can make some money with a live webcam feed.  Just saying.  "Read the news to me, baby."
  • Diabetes is an epidemic, folks.  Eat healthy and exercise.
  • Japanese consumers braved the winter weather to buy a Nintendo Wii.  I wonder what the motion action controller does when you're shivering?  Ought to make for some interesting game play.
  • C'mon.  Michigan had their shot against Ohio State.  While I do feel that Big Blue is a better team than Florida, it was the right call.  Besides, now we have a heckuva Rose Bowl between USC and Michigan!  The "other" number 1 game.
  • Of course, I'm pulling for everyone to finish with one loss, except for Boise State.  Just for fun.
  • I haven't found any RSS feeds on the new CNBC "mega-site." And no profile or pictures of Bianna. "Uh, hello? Oversight committee?"

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