Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fed Freakies!

  • Everyone sure is jittery ahead of the Fed! Yes, the Fed Freakies come down from their Freakies tree today to jolt the the market.  We've seen lots of complacency heading into the meeting today, as folks have assumed that the Fed will stay status quo for the time being and perhaps start cutting rates in 2007.  Now folks seem to be worried about a hawkish Fed.  I'm hoping the Fed members are tipping glasses of eggnog and have no plans to spoil everyone's Christmas.
  • Win some 49ers tickets in a contest from Trading Goddess!
  • Steel sector getting whacked hard today, after quite a run.
  • President Bush said to unveil new Iraq plan in early 2007.  My guess is that President Bush has put "new Iraq plan" on his Christmas list, and hopes Santa Claus comes through.
  • Speaking of Christmas miracles, I made the playoffs in all three of the fantasy football leagues by eeking out victories by the smallest of point margins this weekend.  Hooo!

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