Thursday, December 07, 2006

Digital Subscriber Line

  • I've made the switch from cable internet to DSL at the home office. Why?  The DSL company offered twice the speed for $15 less a month.  That's a 12-pack of Coronas plus a couple limes.  Yeah, don't quote the Man Laws to me. (Man Law:  Don't fruit the beer.)
  • The market went up.  The market went down.  The market rebounding some.  The advance-decline line is slightly positive on the NYSE and slightly negative on the Nasdaq.  Down volume slightly higher.  Looks a little indecisive out there.  I remain with mostly low-beta holdings and some cash on the sidelines.  I've noticed that my short-term small cap trades have been doing well so I wonder if we're seeing some sort of rotation going on. 
  • I haven't mentioned the Black Box recently, but she gave a big sell signal again last night.  I've learned that the Black Box is more reliable in a trading range than in a trend.  When the market is trending, the Black Box is less accurate.  I think that's why it's been working really well for some of the larger cap stocks that haven't moved much in recent years.  Since the "sell signal" in September, the market continued to trend up in a straight line and the Black Box was just wrong.
  • Of course, the DSL set-up wasn't so smooth.  The installation CD wouldn't load.  So after 10 minutes on the help line, Jamie had me going.  "Say, Jamie. While I have you on the line, do you have a webcam?" 
  • Apple (AAPL) lower on news that their iPhone might be delayed by a few mornths.  Unless it's a PDA/Smartphone, I'm not interested. But folks with a large inventory of songs from iTunes might be.
  • Actually, I prefer a slice of lemon in my Corona.  But I'll take lime.  Or no fruit.  Heck, I just want the darn beer.  C'mon. 

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