Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After

  • Ah, James Brown, the "Godfather of soul!" I think we're all familiar with James Brown, and it feels as if we've all lost a friend.  Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. 
  • Market thoughts?  Santa Claus rally?  Sure feels like it, unless you were leveraged in TELK (Telik Inc.), which is down about 70% as I type.  (Bad news on late-stage testing on their cancer drug.)  The market has had a nice 2006, and I doubt that anything will change over the next few days.  Enjoy the holiday complacency, because there will be plenty to deal with in 2007.  Including a market that from November-December, looks a lot like the market from April-May.  Just sayin'....
  • About 9pm on Christmas Eve, I came down with the stomach flu.  Either that or something I ate.  I immediately thought about Omni's comments and her blog entry Did You Know You Could Vomit Through Your Nose?  It started with stomach cramps and they got more severe.  Hundreds if not thousands of trips to the bathroom later, finaly things settled down.  I about blacked out on one trip to the restroom, and collapsed on the sofa for a bit.  Anyways, stomach is still touchy, and all I've had to eat since Christmas Eve is a few pieces of plain bread.  I've been drinking water, and some Gatorade because I figure I need the carbs. 
  • So, I didn't do anything for Christmas.  I'm visiting family later this week for the gift exchange.  But I did win my Fantasy Football league!  Two years in a row.  As I tell my friends, its time to start talking about a "dynasty."  LOL. 
  • I don't spend too much time playing video games anymore, although once and awhile I fire up Madden '06 or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  But they are tons of fun and one of these days I'll upgrade to the next gen.  Anways, somebody got me Guitar Hero for Christmas.  I was too under the weather yesterday to shred, but I'm planning on it tonight...
  • Van Halen:  David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?  I preferred the latter, until everything started sounding like "Poundcake."  But I also liked the David Lee Roth version.
  • Liberal Larry's Christmas Survival Tips.  rotflmao.  I gotta add Larry to my links.
  • Adam notes the TELK downgrade in his Random Classics.  I'll also join the downgrading party, Adam.  Why not?  I'm going to downgrade it from "You'd have to be a fool to own this one" to "Told you so."  Ah, owning a company that has less revenues than your neighborhood newspaper boy. Check out TELK's numbers. Maybe TELK could put some revenue-click-ad model on their website, like Google.
  • Another hat tip to Adam (via Howard) is the link to World's Most Beautiful Women Bloggers.  But only four women made the list?  Not to complain about Amit's choices, because they're definitely pretty.  But have a few beers and expand that list, dude.
  • In the "Fool and his money" department, I have bets on every bowl game from here on out, except for those on the NFL Network. Just to spice it up.

In edit: It's lunchtime, and before I could even think about it my stomach sent me an urgent "You've got to be kidding me, Muck" message. Good grief. Although, this is keeping me away from the holiday junk food.

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