Wednesday, December 13, 2006


  • The market managed to stay green into the close. Advancers led by a smidge on the NYSE, while decliners had a small lead on the Nasdaq.  Over on realmoney, Jim Cramer hands out the warm fuzzies and insists that we're digesting, not stallingRight on schedule I'm hearing that because the stock market is stalled here, it's about to head down. I'm hearing that the stock market is failing.  And I have to laugh. Where do people get this claptrap? 
  • If they only had a brain, from The Naked Economist. 
  • I hope you had the portfolio leveraged to the hilt in Tenaris today.  Lookie, lookie.  Unfortunately, I didn't.  No stalling in that one today.
  • Claptrap is a funny word.  Think about it long enough, and it loses all meaning.  It itself becomes claptrap.
  • "Jeffrey Skilling, reporting to jail as ordered, sir."
  • Who won the "pick the closing price of VSEA" contest at The Trading Goddess site?
  • Speaking of warm fuzzies, recession-shmrecession from Larry Kudlow in Looking Good GoldilocksToday’s remarkably strong retail report dealt a big body blow to the recession scenario.  I agree with you, KLo.  But the market sure seems extended to me.

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