Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who's Your Butterball?

  • Another reason to be skip the turkey and be vegetarian over the Thanksgiving holiday. You have no idea where your Butterball was last weekend.  
  • Not only did President Bush pardon this turkey, he invited it away for an extended weekend down at the Crawford ranch.
  • Well, the market chopped around today but finaly closed higher. Lets go to Yahoo Finance for their summary of the market:  Wall Street drifted to a slightly higher finish Tuesday as investors shied away from taking new positions in a holiday-shortened week.   Investors' hesitation came after Wall Street snapped a six-session winning streak on Monday, concerned that a recent run-up has driven some stocks too high. No big moves were expected before Thanksgiving, although retailers remain in focus ahead of one of the biggest shopping days of the year on Friday.
  • So does that describe you, dear reader?  Feeling shy today?  Concerned that some stocks are too high?  Are you heading out shopping friday?  Or, are you looking for a lil' Butterball action?
  • Greg Mankiw asks, What should the Dems do?
  • Check out Howard Lindzn's comments on ERTS (Electronic Arts) and the Madden NFL franchise, and follow the link to Wallstrip.  I do watch Wallstrip, but not everyday. 
  • Is the Handwriting on the Wall for contrarians?  Read Mark Hulbert, who writes the summary near the end of the article, The bottom line is neatly summarized by Michael Burke, editor of Investors Intelligence. Based on his reading of newsletter sentiment, he recently concluded: "The sentiment readings are now bearish. Although they don't signal an imminent decline, the increased optimism say's it's a good idea to start planning an exit strategy. We are in the seasonally strong six-month and three-month periods of the year and there is no reason why stocks can't go higher for a while, but the handwriting is on the wall."
  • How is Jim Cramer's Action Alerts portfolio doing?  Hat tip to Dayshark, who writes up more on Cramer.  David, after reading the opening sentence where you mentioned Melissa Lee, I was hoping for more, well, Melissa Lee!  But more Cramer stuff there on some of his recent stuff.  Oh, if you want more Cramer, check out Madd Money's Radio Recap!

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