Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voter Disenfranchisement Day!

  • It's officially Voter Disenfranchisement Day, which means you can expect to see roaming bands of conservative senior citizens attempting to keep young Blacks and Hispanics away from the polls. In addition, Karl Rove has ordered cloud seeding in the South, as rain threatens voter turnout.  If all that fails, offshored DIEBOLD programmers working for $10 a day have broadband connections at the ready to insert the following logic in contested races:

void switchVote(){
     if (vote==blue) {

  • The markets staged an impressive rally yesterday.  Price is the ultimate indicator, but volume was a little light.  Advancers had it all over decliners, though.  The futures look to be pointing slightly up, but we could see some election day volatility.
  • We're set up for election day, and it'll be interesting to watch the news and see what kind of stories trickle out.  I was teasing with the geeky comments above, but there are those out there who seriously believe there is widespread voter fraud going on in this country.  Make sure you get out and cast your vote today.  And watch out for those blue hairs!
  • On one hand, I'm not too concerned about gridlock in the federal government.  It'd basically move the government to the sidelines for the next two years as they fight and squabble with each other, and cancel out each other's legislation.  On the otherhand, taxes are scheduled to go up in a few years, and the Democrats certainly have no interest in extending the tax cuts. 

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