Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often!

  • I mentioned this the other day, but again check out the SMH. This latest move up has been on light volume, and today we've kissed the 50dma and dropped back down. Just saying, that's all.  I sold mine back in September.
  • Vote early and vote often!  And if you do take any video of polling location mayhem, please upload to YouTube ASAP!
  • Microsoft to offer TV shows and movies via the XBOX 360.   For a small fee, of course.  I think all of this technology is going to make it hard for NFLX at some point.  Investors don't seem to realize this just yet, take a look at the NFLX chart!

  • Poor Kinross Gold (KGC).  Gold is moving up, yet KGC is struggling due to a downgrade and an acquisition.  Oooh, speaking of, Tye Burt the CEO of KGC just came on CNBC.  "Demand from India and China..." is what I got out of that interview with Burt.  I had no idea he was going to be on.  Honest.  KGC looks ugly on the chart.  Big drop on the news yesterday, and faultering more today on the downgrade while gold is doing fine.

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