Friday, November 17, 2006


  • Hope you owned some X today. (That'd be US Steel).  Just saying.  The charts weren't predicting a buyout rumor.  Although, the Yahoo message board speculated that the rumor was purely an options expiration pin move.  (Gotta love the Yahoo boards for the ultimate battle of good vs. evil.)  Of course, the emotion on the commodities was bleak due to the housing slowdown. 
  • People still watch CSI
  • ABC gave Lost a 3-month winter break and is subbing with Day Break.  Day Break bombed.  I thought it was kind of slow, but I kind of got into it as the day kept repeating and repeating. 
  • Playstation 3 frenzy!  Easier than flipping stocks!  On Friday, hundreds of new PS3 owners made their own profit by reselling their $600 machines on Internet auction site eBay Inc. As of midday, 564 had sold for an average price of $2,711, and 2,037 more units were on offer, according to eBay Marketplace Research. Outlying bids reached $30,000.
  • Universal suing MySpace for copyrights.  Interesting.  This has to be the tip of the iceburg, and I wonder when this will happen to YouTube?  Especially now that YouTube is owned by Google (trading near $500 a share).
  • Bo dies the day before the big game.  Ohio State and Michigan play tomorrow.
  • Have a great weekend!

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