Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Links

  • Microsoft's stock has moved quite a bit since the summer lows. I wonder what would happen if the Zune came out and nobody bought it.  Just another variation of a tree falling in a forest without anyone there to hear it.  Is the Zune a big deal?  What happens to MSFT if it isn't?
  • Barry says the Republicans got Bushwhacked on the Economy and quotes from Barron's permabear Alan Abelson.  We heard during the campaign that only the rich were benefitting from the economy and that everyone else was struggling.  Is that the case with you? 
  • I haven't watched much NBA yet, but the hoopla over the new ball is funny.  Mark Cuban weighs in.
  • Adam weighs in on the economy and how it influenced the election, but more importantly asks about the Best Band of the 80's.  I checked my MP3 player and have 35 Motley Crue songs stored.  Uh, you know my answer.
  • Gee, haven't checked my bloglines subs for awhile.  Lock limit down on some of those.
  • Did you just see the field goal attempt that was short by the Giants, and the Bears returned it 108 yards for a touchdown?  That's my fantasy football defense!
  • I think the Democrats winning both the House and Senate is the best thing that could've happened to the right wing talk shows like Rush Limbaugh.  Now he has something to talk about and complain about.   And Captain Ed is blogging about Senator Joe Lieberman switching parties to the GOP, which would give the Senate back to the Republicans.  Now THAT would be funny.
  • From the previous blog entry's comments, Seven of Six links to Britney Spears pre nup agreement!

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