Monday, November 27, 2006

Stock Market Armageddon

  • If it truly is Armageddon in the stock market, lets "Armageddon It" with Def Leppard.
  • We've gone what seems like forever without a significant pullback in the market. I've mentioned that I was expecting a selloff in the Sept-Oct timeframe that didn't happen, but raised cash and lowered beta at that time.  Now it seems like everyone was assuming the coast was clear and that the market would ramp into year end.  Doesn't always work out like everyone expects.  Now we have to wait and see if there are dip buyers out there who feel underinvested, or if we're so bullish now we're expecting the dip to be bought.  I'm going to remain hesitant deploying new cash for now.  No reason to get all excited by the first major distribution day we've seen in awhile.  Maybe there are more coming.
  • Hey, it's Cyber Monday!  The busiest online shopping day of the year!  (I did mine yesterday).  I buy some stuff online, but I prefer to buy electronics at the stores.  I love Costco for that.  They have a great return policy.  I could probably walk in there with a receipt and a 20-yr old Sony Walkman (cassette player) and say "It stopped working" and they'd give me a credit for something else in the store.
  • Here come the bears!  Herb notes that more decline is on the way because of lack of insider buying.  I don't know Herb's outlook, but just a comment on bears in bull trends or bulls in bear trends.  Notice that if they're wrong about the trend, then whenever a day finaly goes in their direction, suddenly they feel vindicated?  Sure, they may have missed a 15% move over a few months, but boy do they get excited on the first 2% move that goes their way.  And yes, this could be the start of something messy.  We can't discount that.  But we must allow ourselves to be somewhat amused along the way.
  • Speak of the Devil, Herb is on CNBC as I type!
  • Speaking of Armageddon, I caught up with CBS' Jericho over the weekend.  Not a bad show.  I hate to get sucked in and have a series cancelled, but I bet that's what happens here.
  • Free preview of Investors Business Daily and their Daily Graphs.  Not bad.
  • If USC beats UCLA, then it'll be Ohio State vs. USC for all the marbles.  Otherwise, Michigan will get in.  I agree with folks who say that Michigan had their shot at Ohio St.  Lets see what USC can do.
  • While I did order the 2007 Stock Trader's Almanac, maybe the best gift idea for your trading buddies would be a  2007 CNBC Swimsuit Calendar.  Erin Burnett, Melissa Lee, Bianna Golodryga, Rebecca Jarvis, and Becky Quick.  Who'd be the bikini cover girl on that one?  Bianna?  It'd be a big seller.  And the days of the calendar could have some trading tips from some of the other anchors on the station.  It could outsell the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar.  If not swimsuits, then maybe a lingerie calendar?  Something to compete with Victoria's Secret.

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