Thursday, November 16, 2006

Status Quo Mo Mo

  • The stock market is as good of a crystal ball as anything, and I think it appears as if the Fed has achieved their soft landing. Gridlock in the Federal government should be a good thing for the next few years, as not much legislation will come out of Washington DC.  The stock market is in the process of pricing this all in, and by the time we recognize it the price move will mostly be in. 
  • The Fed also has to worry about the tight labor market (and upward pressure on wages).  But they don't want to raise rates with the GDP having slowed down and risk a recession.  They don't want to cut rates and put more pressure on the labor market (and wages).  Status quo for awhile?
  • Emmitt Smith wins Dancing with the Stars over Mario Lopez.  No surprise there in a popularity contest. 
  • Blogging the Bible (story).  The blog at Slate.  From the blog of 1 SamuelDavid is such a horndog that he would pick up a widow at a funeral!
  • The most interesting soap opera in Washington DC is Independent Senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman.  He currently is aligned with the Democrats, giving them the reigns in the Senate.  But he could caucus with the GOP, giving the tie-breaker to Dick Cheney.  He could switch parties.  He could take a cabinet job with Bush, leaving the GOP governor in Connecticut a chance to appoint a GOP senator.  Is Joe the most powerful man in the Senate right now? 
  • Ugly Chart's Top 10 Reasons Why (He) Visits Your Stock Market Blog.

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