Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Stuff

  • Inspired by multiple Thanksgiving halftime performances, John Fogerty was kind enough to fly here today and perform "Rock and Roll Girls." Yeah, baby.  Click play, grab some leftovers, and scroll down for some Saturday stuff.
  • Cody Willard introduces us to TubeRevolution, which is yet another video sharing community thing.  I noticed Doug Kass has a video up from his K&C gig last week.  Cody mentions on his blog that The feature I think I'm excited about is TRiM -- TubeRevolution instant Messenger. TRiM keeps no records and does no tracking of anyone's usage at all. And it bypasses any and all firewalls and corporate check points. Free yourself from the tyranny!
  • Overloaded on pumpkin pie yet?
  • I had some credit on a book store gift card, so last week I bought William O'Neil's "The Successful Investor."  Of course, most may know about CANSLIM and the O'Neil strategies.  He has a wildly successful newspaper in Investor's Business Daily.  I'm half-way through the book over the long weekend, and it often comes across as a 200-page ad for the IBD.  It seems more condensed and rushed than his earlier book, but does include coverage of the 2000-2 bear market.  I'll write more on the book later, but one of the early chapters in the book that I think is the hardest thing for most investors is the "cut and run" strategy of taking losses.
  • Yesterday I mentioned the falling-dollar theme.  Econobrowswer wonders would that be so bad?
  • Mark Hulbert on Norm Fosback's seasonal timing method.   It's the Energizer Bunny of systems.  Keeps working. 
  • I asked awhile back, what if nobody bought the Microsoft Zune?  Well, in iPod vs ?, Barry Ritholz has some MP3 sales numbers from Amazon's top seller list.  iPod is rocking that list, and Zune comes in at #16. 
  • NakedShorts highlights Jim Cramer's "Watch TV.  Get Rich."  book booyah.  And of course the running one-liner of the week, couldn't Fox get the book publisher to cancel this one?
  • Random Roger up with his Big Picture for the week of 11/26.  How have managed mutual funds stacked up against the SP500 index the past 20 years?  How have owners of those mutual funds performed in the same period?  And why was the dog growling at the end?
  • Does it bother you that John Fogerty doesn't enunciate the consonant on the last word of the lyric? World is "worl." Girls is "girl." Etc.
  • Enjoy the weekend!

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