Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rain Jackets Needed

  • First rain storm of the year blowin' through. So watch out on those roads.  After a long summer, people in CA forget how to drive in bad weather.  Unfortunately, I didn't work from home today so I'm about to head out in it.
  • The market? Speaking of storm clouds... I still have low beta holdings and some cash from the sells in September, and still flipping some small caps although that has slowed down as the stock market seems to be swooning here a bit.  I'll have to check scans later, but I'm feeling comfy-cozy in low-beta stuff.  The semi sales in September seem to have been the right call as they've gone nowhere since.  Tech has been strong, though.  Missed out on a couple big ticks there.  But managing risk and protecting capital is key.  IMHO, anyhoo.
  • "The vows of abstinence break far more easily than latex condoms," said Joycelyn Elders, former U.S. surgeon generalPushing for sex education.  The square peg goes in the square hole, and the round peg goes in the round hole.  Any questions?  Haven't we been providing sex education now for quite awhile?   Even with education, when folks are in their teens and twenties the sex drive is pretty high.  Or when your older and drunk, too.  Education-shmeducation at that point.  Decisions are made.  I guess the key is "be prepared."   Maybe we need a "don't leave home without it" commercial on condoms.
  • Normally, we're in the 401(k) additions period of the month, but none of the normal monthly seasonal stuff has been typical in this bull trend.  Perhaps that's a better way for sideways markets.  You know what I'm talking about.  The beginning of month stuff, pre-options week, options week, end of month, etc.  We do have some strong holiday trends in November to be aware of. More later...
  • What do I think about John Kerry's botched joke?  Everything is too political.  I recognize that it was a bad joke.  Although I do think Kerry is a bonehead, I seriously doubt he hates the troops or was insulting the troops.  C'mon.  The Republicans posture on it, because for some reason they can't take advantage of the strong economy.  Easier for them to capitalize on a botched joke than a 4.6% unemployment rate and a tight labor market.  How sad is that?  Then all the Democrats vying for 2008 (you know who you are Hillary) see an opportunity to get their mugs on camera.
  • There are only two teams in politics.  Can you imagine the NFL with only the Cowboys and the Raiders?  "Who do we have on Sunday Night Football this week, Al?" 
  • Kerry's joke not hurting Democrats at the polls, which is important if polls matter.

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