Friday, November 17, 2006

Quick Hits

  • The market pullback reason du jour isthe weak home building report.  OK, we've just had 5 straight days up and it's friday.  Friday's tend to be profit taking days ahead of the weekend.  There are definitely profits out there.  Plus, it is options expiration day, and who knows what kinds of shenanigans happen on the third friday each month.  (What does that mean?  See Adam's We're Pin Jamming entry!)
  • Watching CNBC this morning, they reviewed Starbucks (SBUX) earnings and noted that the company spends more on health care then they do on coffee beans!  SBUX gapped down about 6% this morning and appears to be flatlining near the lows of the day.
  • HP (HPQ) reported that their earnings quadrupled, but that the SEC was investigating the spying scandal.  Shares opened down, but are rebounding.
  • I realized last night that I'm a few episodes behind in Battlestar Galactica.  Is it just me, or does the SciFi series seem to be bogging down a bit here?  Although, nice side shot of Grace Park nude.  (Yes, that is a blatant search engine whoring technique).  C'mon, if we're going to be blatant here, how about BG's blatant attempt to hook the tech geek crowd by including a Cylon Asian babe in the cast?  Pure ratings stunt!

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