Monday, November 06, 2006

Quick Hits

  • Watching CNBC this morning, and they noted that the DOW has been down six days in a row. Does it seem like that?  I realize that this is true from following the markets, but doesn't it still "feel" like we've been going up day after day?  Another interesting thing is that early strength seems to be sold off.  And what do we have this morning?  Yeah.  So will this recent trend continue, or are the Miami Dolphins coming to town?
  • Where are you going to get your election news from tomorrow?  It'll be interesting to see how early the rumor sites are covering the exits. 
  • Bad news for lice.  I'm not going to shed a tear for them. This new dryer device kills the little things and their next of kin, too. With no remorse.
  • Hey, we've made it through the first 30 minutes and the market opened up, did a head fake down, and is now rumblin' and stumblin' up.  It could-go-all-the-way...
  • What is happening as the Chinese gain wealth and have more exposure to the Western diet (think fast food)?  They get fat!  (Just like us).  "An increasing number of Chinese are eating more fat and junk food but less grains and vegetables, leading to a high number of cases of high blood pressure and diabetes."  Oooh, investing angle on this one.  Metabolic syndrome related diseases and treatment.  Diet and weight loss companies.  Etc. 
  • Investing From the Right sees no "meaningful reduction in defense spending" no matter the outcome of tomorrow's election.  I tend to agree.  The Democrats haven't offered any specifics other than they want a time table.  (I have one of those laying around here somewhere for my "want to be a billionaire" goal. Lets see, number one on the list is "starting in 2000, win a $100 million lottery annually for 10 years." I'm 6 years behind in my time table.)
  • Interested in reading about the favorite positions of Malaysian youth?  And we're "not talking about opositins during a football game or the Middle East position."  This is about "spooning, galloping and tea bag positions."  The Malaysian government takes on free speech! 

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